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The Watch
Midnight Bronx

Release Date:
8th of January, 2019



LoOnar Forge
France, Sweden & Poland

Games Website:
The Watch – Midnight Bronx

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Dear journalist, editor, writer, blogger…

Please find below all the resources about our new game below. Hopefully, it will make it easier to review it and write something about it (something nice we hope!).

If you require more images or videos please do let us know, we got plenty, and we will be more than happy to send you more goodies. Or perhaps you prefer a different format or need us to upload it to the Dropbox or some other file sharing service? Let us know and we will sort it out for you. Enjoy and thanks!


LoOnar Team

The Watch – Midnight Bronx description 

The Watch is a fast-paced, top-down, twin joystick action game placed in the Bronx district in New York.

You play as John, the war veteran that is tired of violence. To even stand a chance to fight off burglars, you need to move swiftly between building rooftops and streets, leaping from one roof to another or using a set of staircases and footbridges. You are trying to save local people’s cars from the relentless gang that is aiming to steal every single one of them on the district under the cover of darkness and corrupted local police. Armed only with your flashlight you need to fight your way to Al Carpone himself to end the theft for good.

Core features:

  • wave-based gameplay

  • different difficulties 

  • public trust system to measure neighborhoods mood

  • network of platforms and staircases 

  • hero leveling system that persists from one game to another

  • random starting positions for mobsters on each wave

  • 4 unique types of mobsters, each with their own weaknesses and strengths

  • large set of collectibles, randomly spawning on the map at the start of each wave

  • tracking system for all of your statistics in the game 

  • dozens of spawning locations for the cars to keep the play fresh for many hours

  • great light/shadow visuals running even on low-end devices

  • two tiers of collectibles 


LoOnar Forge

LoOnar Forge is a small indie games studio which aims to embed more education into the gameplay without killing the fun part.  The studio started working on The Watch – Midnight Bronx in late 2017.

Beginnings of LoOnar Forge

The company was started by Steve who had an idea for a MOBA type of game for mobile platforms. After visiting numerous mobile game developers and presenting his idea, he realized that none of the companies looked at the project same way as he did. So instead of starting a project with one of the companies and hoping it will turn out as he wished, he has chosen another, “simpler” solution – he has founded LoOnar Forge! Now, Steve and his associates are making other mobile games, gaining new skills and getting ready for the grand project that is looming in the not so far distance. Their first game was a remake of “Arkanoid” called “Electronoid”(how original!). “The Watch” is their second title and it will be out in January 2019. Now they have started to work on a new action game with a catchy title: “Sheep Happens”. Their project calendar is filled up,  with a traffic jam simulator planned as a next game followed by a deep diving simulator. Their products are available on the Android phones for now but the studio is getting ready to expand onto the iOS market in the near future. They are fresh in the industry but so are their ideas.


The Watch - Midnight Bronx trailer



Download .zip file with all the GIFs above here.


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