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Sheep Haaappens



Sheep Haaappens



A long time ago… You left your home, in search of a new place, a place where you can train to become the best SHEPHERD! Build your ranch up and upgrade your buildings to grow in power.  Your house, the barn, the orchards, and the laboratory are just a few to name, and each of them will give you unique skills, upgrades, and spells! Expand your flock of sheep to sell even more of your fine wool on Woolville’s market. Invest your hard-earned money to grow your ranch, upgrade your meadows and skills, and don’t forget to upgrade your laboratory to gain new skills to protect your flock! Yes, the forest surrounding the meadows is full of hungry foxes, they will want to snatch your tasty sheep! But don’t worry there are many ways to “persuade” them out of the idea of eating your precious sheep. 


Core characteristics:

  • wave-based gameplay 
  • quirky and dynamic control system to make your gameplay challenging and fun
  • 10 unique buildings to construct an upgrade (up to 20 levels for each!) on your Ranch
  • colorful, low poly graphics and cartoonish effects, and animations
  • 105 upgrades, choose from passive and active skills and make your ranch even better
  • 5 unlockable sets of animations for your sheep, each funnier and cooler than the previous one
  • you can count on Dookie during your work, your trusty corgi pet is always with you in the meadows, that is when he is not hiding scared in your tent 
  • physics-based gameplay and AI opponents, making each gameplay unique
  • your own flock of sheep, up to 20 strong! There is Beeety, Baaarbra, Baaabete, Baaaddea, Baaadi’a, Baaadu, Baaaeli, Baaahisa, and Maya
  • and if this wasn’t enough there are black and mechanical sheep too! 
  • the game contains ads and in-game purchases but you can enjoy the full content without spending a penny or watching a single ad. The choice is yours!
Have fun! Check out the screenshots and the trailer. Cheerio!
Hi all!  
   We are very happy to say that we are progressing very quickly with The Watch game!  After a while, we decided that every project has to be published, so we are back to work on The Watch and get it released soon! The trailer is out, all aspects of the game are ready and we are just testing and prettifying our baby!
   The Watch is our second production and we didn’t think more about it than just another project to learn more about Unity and coding. But as we went along and the game started shaping we made the decision that it is something definitely worth exposing and promoting. The Watch is quick and easy, and surprisingly addictive in its format.  
Stay tuned for more news. If you would like to test our game on Android drop us a message on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channel, or email! 
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