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Ex Luna Scientia

Hello stranger.
Welcome to LoOnar Forge. The biggest GameDev studio on the Moon!
We (by “we” I mean me :D) are a small studio developing games for Android phones at the present, but that’s just the beginning. Our long-term goal is to make fun and good quality games that blend seamlessly with education, science, social awareness, or any other topic that may need improving in our fast-growing, busy society. All while having fun! Isn’t great? We have many great ideas on how to make it work together and we will implement more and more of them as our developing skills improve.
Now have a look around, and see if there are any games that you would like to try out. Go crazy, have fun and hopefully you will learn something as well! Let us know what you think about our work on any of the social platforms that we are present. Constructive criticism is more than welcome!
If you would like to join our studio or work together on a project or you have an idea that you would like to see materialized check out the “collaboration” section or drop us an email and we will see what we can do.
Ex Luna Scientia!
Founder & CEO
LoOnar Forge