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The Watch - Midnight Bronx is coming!

Hi all!  
   We are very happy to say that we are progressing very quickly with the design of The Watch and we are going in to Beta soon, that is so cool! That means screen shoots and videos will start coming in on all of our social channels and here on the website as well.  
   The Watch is our second production and we didn’t think more about it than just another project to learn more in Unity and in coding. But as we went along and the game started shaping we have made the decision that it is something definitely worth exposing and promoting. The Watch is quick and easy, and surprisingly addictive in its format.  
The action of the game is happening in the Bronx district of New York. You, a local, have spotted few car thieves and decided to take an action. You quickly realize that this is not a random situation. It seems that this is part of a big action in the area that involves corrupted police and infamous Al Carpone himself! Gosh, and you only went for a stroll to do bit of hedgehog spotting in the local park. As you try to inform somebody you notice that whole area is cordoned off by the police, but they do nothing! More and more mobsters start to appear from side alleys and shadows to steal peoples cars, under the protection of corrupted officers.
Armed only with a flashlight and cat like reflexes it is your job to prevent Al Carpone and his thugs from clearing whole area and stealing every car in a single night! Stay on the roofs to move quickly and out of sight to find the mobsters and than quickly descent on them using your trusty, rusty flashlight! 
Core mechanics:
  • wave based play 
  • achievement system
  • Public Trust system to measure neighborhoods trust and support
  • dozens of waves 
  • staircase and platform network to move quickly from one roof to another and between ground and roof level
  • street lamps grid dictating which way mobsters will go to stay in the shadows
  • 4 unique types of mobsters with different characteristics
  • unique flashlight system – use it wise
  • many collectibles to find to aid you in your struggle against the mob
  • dozens of random locations for the cars to keep the play fresh for many hours
  • amazing light/shadow visuals that run even on low end devices
Check out our gallery for first screen shots. Movie clips are coming shortly too. Stay tuned for more news. If you would like to test our game on Android drop us a message on Tweeter, facebook, google+, You Tube channel or email! 
If you like what you see please share and subscribe and like and copy/paste and retweet and even shout from your window! Spread the word so other people can stand their Watch too!
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